By referring friends to the We Bocou community, you earn 10 points for each successful referral. Points can be redeemed in the Gift Card section

Silver members can redeem 4 vouchers per year (limit:1 per month).

Gold members can redeem 2 vouchers per month.

Platinum members can redeem 3 vouchers per month.

Please visit the Gift Card’s Terms and Conditions section for all details.

Points cannot be exchanged between members.

Following a membership’s cancellation, there is a post-cancellation 3-month period allowing you to re-join, free of registration cost. If the 3-month period has ended, it is required that you pay a registration fee.

Membership / Subscription

Yes, the payment recurs on a monthly basis.

You can cancel your subscription through the ‘My Profile’ section by clicking on the related tab. Alternatively, you can send us your cancellation request through email on:

You will have to pay the Gold membership fee and if you have a remainder of days from your Silver membership, they will be added to your new subscription plan proportionally.

A Voucher is a 10% discount code which you can use while booking on

In the ‘My Profile’ section, click on the ‘Refer a Friend’ tab, fill in the name and email of your friend and click ‘send’. He/she will receive an invitation via email. When he/she signs up, your ID will appear automatically at the designated Referral Member ID field.


Your friend can click on the sign-up tab when entering the We Bocou website, fill in the details in the sign-up form and add your Member ID at the Referral Member ID field. 

No, Gift cards cannot be combined with Vouchers.