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We Bocou is a living, growing community fueled by the passion for living life to its fullest. Its members can enjoy benefits in a selection of cooperating businesses that meet the most demanding quality standards.

We Bocou at the same time offers to its members, a compact City Guide for more than 10 top travel destinations. A valuable tool that uncovers all of the core information you need, to get the most out of a travel experience, offering recommendations and tips on the inside.

Moreover, We Bocou opens the path to realtime interaction among its members, through the We Bocou Forum and Chat. Every thought surrounding the diverse range of experiences that one can enjoy can be instantly shared with the co-members – the perfect means to enhance personal and professional liaisons.

Join We Bocou and elevate your experiences to new heights.

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Core Features What can you, the travel and lifestyle enthusiast, enjoy by becoming a We Bocou member?


With us, you can explore the world in a smart way!

Yes it’s true! We Bocou members can enjoy access to rates that are beyond reach to most travelers through our collaboration with a vast selection of leading hotels around the world.


City Guide

‘On the inside’ city information is so important when you travel.

The We Bocou research team has gone behind the city scenes, in top travel destinations, and has secured all that valuable information needed to ensure that you will really enjoy your time there, just like the most sophisticated local traveler.



Share, Connect, Meet!

Sharing your travel and lifestyle perceptions is always a great way to make friends and develop an extensive social and business network while passing on and receiving valuable information. And that is why we created the We Bocou Forum and Chat.


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